Find Your Person

9:40 AM

A pregnant friend of mine recently asked me for some "new mom" tips. I'm sure she was hoping for my handy techniques to get a 2 week old to sleep through the night, latch on perfectly and keep all his poop in his diapers, but 11 months in and I still don't know any of that shit. (pun totally intended!!)

So, I gave her the only advice I do know.

"Find your Person!"

This advice will seem completely silly to anyone without children. 
"Find your person? I have tons of people. What dumb advice! Stupid, tired mom!"

It is only after that first bundle of terror joy enters your life that this advice will all make sense. It is only then that you realize the first few years weeks are not as picture perfect as social media makes it seem. (what is up with that btw? Why does social media always make you feel like everyone else has it so much easier? -- Anyway, tangent...another day, another post.)

Your person will bring you back down to earth. Your person will make you realize it is not always beautiful. She will never judge you, you can tell her anything. (even the bad stuff you thought you couldn't say out loud.) Her dark circles are just as dark as yours and her coffee is just as strong.

She will save you.

So yea, find your person.

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