The "Momiform"

12:32 PM

Are you wearing yoga pants that have never been to yoga?
Does your shirt have at least one spill and one hole?
Do you have to use a scarf or oversized sweater to cover breastmilk stains?
Did you maybe wear the same outfit yesterday? (and possibly even the day before?)
Was the shirt you are wearing formerly in the "pajama drawer" until you had kids?
Are you wearing socks that do not match in any way?
Did you sleep in any part of what you are wearing last night?
Is it 100 degrees out, but you are still wearing pants to cover your unshaven legs?
When people see you do they say "Oh, you look comfy!!"?
Does your shirt have complete easy access to the boob?
Has any part of your outfit at one time been covered in spit up, formula, breast milk, pooh, or pee?

If you answered "Hell Yes!" to any of the above....then you just might be wearing your Momiform!

These moms totally get it. From top: 

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