Do Nothing

11:40 AM

It took me almost a year to learn this life changing tip. In fact, I didn't actually learn it on my own. A brilliant mom friend of mine mentioned it in casual conversation fully unaware of the major impact it has had on my life.

Ready for it?

"When your kids nap, DO NOTHING!"

I mean it. Nothing. Do not pick up a single toy, fold a single piece of laundry, load one dish into the dishwasher, tidy one corner of the house, or glam yourself up in any way. Just. Do. Nothing. Unless of course that something is something that brings you extreme reading a book in bed, taking a nap, taking a bath or shower (because lets be honest, this is now considered a luxury), binge watching Netflix, or stuffing your face with food. Hell, maybe even do all these things. At once. Naked.

Anyway, the point is...laundry can be folded while your awake kid rummages through the pile of clothes. Makeup can be applied while your awake kid slobbers all over your makeup brushes. Dishes can be washed while your awake kid bangs a wooden spoon against a bowl on the floor next to you.

So, while your little monster angel gives you a measly hour or two to yourself each day use it to do nothing. I promise you will thank me!

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