A Poop Story

11:56 AM

My husband has been out of town all weekend. That means...Im drowning...This story is just one of MANY that have pushed me closer and closer to my breaking point. Honey, please come home!

It's Friday night.

It's finally bed time.

Just bath, jammies, and bed.

I can do this.

I undress Smith.

I go in the bathroom and start the bath.

I sit down to quickly pee.

I have to pooh.

While poohing, Smith enters bathroom.

Smith squats, out of my reach, and poops on the bathroom floor.


While using all the stretch armstrong powers in me I reach out to hold him from stepping in his poop.

Look over and see there is no toilet paper.


Try to make way to hallway closet with poop butt (my own) while holding poop butt jr. with a death grip so he doesn't smear his own feces all over the bathroom walls.

Make it to closet. Get toilet paper.

Poop waddle back to bathroom.

Bathtub is overflowing.

Again...a very literal CRAP!

The End.

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