The Cost of Extreme Couponing

8:02 AM

I did it guys. I went to Target and brought my 3 ring binder filled with clear plastic dividers that held categorized coupons and shopped till I dropped and only spent $3...

Siiiiiiiiiike! I dont even have a 3 ring binder. Or any actual coupons, buuuuut I did do some extreme saving. However, it cost me! It cost me a lot!

Ok, so here is the story. It all started when I downloaded the Target Cartwheel app. Ever heard of it? If not, please ask someone more knowledgable than me to tell you about it. Also, when you find that person send them my way because I could use some clarification as well. All I know is I held it up to the check out persons face and got 5% off my paper towels and toilet paper and an additional 10% off my entire like it.

But trust me friends...the savings (and expenses) only start there....

3 Packages of Target Brand Diapers $90
Various Baby Department Purchases $60
Toilet Paper and Paper Towels $25
Various Grocery Department Purchases $55
Total Bill $230
Total Savings $90 
(5% off total bill using red card, 5% off paper goods from cartwheel thingy, 10% total bill from cartwheel thingy, $25 gift card when buy 3 packs of diapers, $25 off when spend $150 in baby dept)
Total Spent $140

WHAT THE WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? I saved $90 in one shopping trip! This is definitely a record. This is definitely the most a person has ever saved in a single Target shopping experience right?? I am the queen of all savers in the world right?


Expenses incurred in attempt to save
Snacks and pacifier. (forgotten items due to distraction cartwheel thingy caused) $15
Unnecessary baby items to reach $150. (to get discount) $60
Cracked phone case when annoyed toddler threw it out of cart. $25
Hand sanitizer because toddler crawled around bathroom stall. $3
Dropped coffee on floor...need new one. $5
Magazine at checkout stand because toddler ripped it into pieces. $5
Ridiculously full cart literally overflows when crossing parking lot. New baby gate falls out and breaks. Need new one. $15
Heavy cart filled with all the savings runs into my car. Dents it. $200
Door closes on leg while trying to hold toddler and heavy cart. Cuts leg. Back inside for bandaids. $5
Total Expenses $360

Soooo....saved $90, spent an extra $360

Today I realized Extreme Saving is not for me....

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. This is SO me! Well said my friend. This gave me a good laugh this morning. Hugs momma!

  2. Awww love to hear that! Happy Holidays!

  3. Awww love to hear that! Happy Holidays!


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