Dear Mamas, Stop Trying To Do It All!

9:39 PM

Dear Mamas,

Oh Heeeey girl. We're here to chat. Mingle. Dish the scoop. Shoot the shit. Girl talk. You know. No? Ok. I'll stop. Actually, were here to tell you something. That we get it. We get that doing it all is hard. We get that trying to juggle everything that life throws at you is really, hard is not the word. Impossible! Juggling that shit is impossible! We get that you see other moms doing it (or at least think you see other moms doing it) and therefore you should be able to do it all too...but let us tell you something. You shouldn't. Give yourself a damn break. And if you're sitting there reading this in yesterdays pajamas on a pile of laundry that needs to be folded while eating your kids leftover mac n cheese staring at a stack of dirty dishes that now reaches the ceiling and you have no intention of tackling it any time soon and you're also thinking Hmm I wonder if my vagina has grown cobwebs cause my poor husband hasn't gotten any in a really long time and now he's reading over your shoulder like WTF dont put that information in your blog its personal and....OK. You get the point. Well guess what sister? SO AM I!

But have no fear. We're about to divulge a little insider info to our lady gang....yea. YOU! ya go. Something to remember when you're feeling down about being a totally normal human...

Looks are Deceiving...

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Stop it right now. The way someone looks at a coffee shop or a park or on an Instagram feed does not define their capabilities as a mother or a woman or a person. Say that over and over again next time you are standing in line behind a mom who's clean. Maybe that mom has a live in nanny. Maybe that mom actually is the nanny. Hmm ever think of that? Maybe she's dropping her kids off at daycare to go to a job interview. Maybe she's a psychopath who's on her way to a fetish convention I DONT KNOW....the point is...the way she looks vs. the way you look DOES NOT define either one of you. It doesn't matter if her kids are in designer clothes and yours arent. It doesnt matter if she has an income and you dont. It doesnt matter if she gets to stay home with her kids and you have to work. It doesnt matter if she is married and you are single. It doesnt matter if she is skinny and you are....less skinny. We are all fighting our own battles. We are all struggling somewhere. We are all desperate to get one more thing accomplished in our day. We are all regretting something. We are all envious of someone. We are all wishing we were Super Woman...but guess what?


I am. You are. She is. You are. I am. WE ARE! I have to go wash my cape I got ketchup all over it...

Your Lady Gang

One of us worked. One of us worked out. Neither of us accomplished it all today...

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