Honest Motherhood Day 1: An Epiphany

10:15 AM

Something happened today. I was walking down my street and I saw a very famous Instagram blogger/influencer. I stopped and creepily kind of hid and watched her and her husband and their toddler. Not because I am a total psycho path, but because something that had me completely and totally confused and fascinated was happening before my very eyes.

They looked....normal.

They looked like me and my husband and my toddler when we are having a less than perfect day. They were struggling. They were tired. They were stressed. Their car was filthy. Dad looked defeated. Mom had checked out and was on her phone blocking out the sounds of their screaming toddler who didn't want to sit in his carseat.

It was refreshing. I was happy to see them look so normal. But I was also sad. I was sad because 350k+ people a day see this particular family and think they are better at life then the rest of us. They think they are #momgoals. They think they are #hairgoals. They think they are #couplegoals. They think they are #goalsAF. But they're not. They're normal AF. And that should be, and is, enough.

Please dont get me wrong. I am not judging the way this blogger portrays her life. I dont think she intentionally tries to make herself look better than anyone. I have followed her and read blog posts about hard days and motherhood struggles. I've seen Instagram posts about bad hair days and exhausting mornings. It's just...its hard to relate. It's hard to feel her struggle. Because while she is struggling with her exhausting day she's snapping a photo on a $500 rug that she was gifted for just being her. She's telling me about a bad hair day while being paid to fix it with a particular flat iron. Again, not her fault. She's now making money to support her family in a way I find incredible and modern. But like I said...it's just hard to relate.

It got me thinking....have I done this? Have I made any mother, girl, woman, friend, neighbor out there feel less than because they thought I had it better by the way I've portrayed myself on the teeny, tiny, miniature, can hardly even see it platform that I have in this social world? (If I have, I invite you to run into me at Trader Joes while I grocery shop because Im the real hot mess I claim to be!) But nonetheless, if I've ever made you feel like I have a more notable life than you...Im sorry. I dont.


For the next 30 days I have dragged Joanna into a blogging series with me. We will be writing a post a day about some honest shit. Some days it will hurt. It will be sad. It will be hard to put out there. Some days we will laugh as we relive embarrassing moments as women and mothers. And if in these 30 posts we are able to make even one woman out there more proud and accepting of who she is, well...that's pretty fucking cool!

Happy Monday!

Krystin and Jo

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  1. Thank you for sharing "real" with us other hot mess, am I doing this "mom/woman/wife/adulting okay"...person. :)

  2. You're doing so good Larissa!!!! Thanks for reading


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