Honest Motherhood Day 3: My Mouse Ate My Diva Cup

8:27 PM

If you've been following our blog since the beginning, you know all about my love/hate relationship with the Diva Cup. If you haven't, I would suggest reading this post first and then meeting the rest of us back here. Dont worry, we'll wait. We're not annoyed or inconvenienced at alllll that you haven't sat and read every single post I've ever written. Nope, not judging, our time isn't important. Dont worry about it one bit, we totally understand you had more important things to do while the rest of us read every post diligently...

Oh hey! You back?  Great! Nice to have you back...

So, even though I find some aspects of a menstrual cup difficult, I have stuck with it. It is now a permanent part of my life once a month.

Anyway, last summer we took the airstream on a road trip up to the eastern sierras for a couple of weeks. It was such an awesome trip, but somewhere along the way we picked up a family of mice! Yes, when we returned home, our family was sharing a 250sf trailer with another family. A family of rodents. Winning!

Over the next few weeks my husband became a mouse catching genius. He purchased a no-harm trap and was catching and releasing mice every day. EVERY. DAY.

Finally, after a couple of weeks we had rid the house of 11 mice. Just in time for another visitor. Yep, you got it, Aunt Flow was comin to town.

Now imagine my surprise when I reach under the sink, pull out my little menstrual sidekick only to find it had been devoured....by some fucked up, twisted member of the mouse family.


Just when I thought motherhood was the hardest gig out there, I am reminded that in addition to motherhood, there is just....womanhood....that shits pretty tough too!

Cheers to strong women. May you all get through life without having to say the words "My mouse ate my Diva Cup!"

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