Oh Hi!

9:40 PM

Welcome to our little slice of blog heaven. Before you become all obsessed with our blog and keep begging for more and more ;) we better let you in on the type of posts you'll see from us.

You are probably not going to see much about fitness and fashion on this blog. Don't really know if that's more unfortunate for you, or for us!

You are probably not going to see two perfect moms who can effortlessly juggle it all...we're tired...like, really really tired. All the time. Sometimes we don't even brush our hair or our teeth. Hope you're into that kind of thing.

Is anyone still reading? Probably just our moms. "Hey Mom!"

So, what will you find in this little gem of a blog? You'll find two real moms! We're Krystin and Joanna, best mom friends, neighbors, first time moms to Smith and Junie, both 11 month olds who have total opposite personalities. We practice completely different parenting styles, and that's ok, because that is the reality of motherhood.

Hope you laugh as hard as we do at our crazy lives!

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