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I know you want to. I know you think you can...make the time, put in the effort, spend the money. I know you think as soon as your photos from this party go viral that every blogger on the block will be hitting you up to feature you on their blog, give you free stuff, and the whole world will fall in love with you. You'll be famous. You'll be "that mom". The one who threw the most amazing party of all time. Everyone will want to be you. You'll start a business, no, an empire teaching other moms how to throw the perfect Pinterest party. You're book, "Hostess with the Mostest" will be a New York Times Best Seller. You'll do a book tour. In France. The South of France. George Clooney will be there. He loves Pintertest Parties. Mrs. George Clooney....

Hey! Hello?! Over here...SNAP OUT OF IT!

We've been planning Smith and Junie's first birthday parties for a while now. And we constantly ask ourselves..."To Pinterest or not to Pinterest?" I mean, sure, we want our kids party to be the cutest ever. We want every guest in attendance to ooh and ahh over our perfectly styled dessert bar, but we learned, and we learned fast....JUST SAY NO! to the Pinterest Party. Here are the facts:

  • 90% of blog worthy photos you see are "styled shoots" meaning there was no actual party. No children with sticky hands knocking over the glass tiered cupcake tower. No Uncle Eddie setting his Budweiser down on the gift table...(erg, why did we have to invite Uncle Eddie.)
  • Most people don't care! Sadly, all your hard work will mostly go unappreciated. Yea, you'll get a few impressed onlookers, but for the most part, people care about one thing at a! Got a delicious spread in a not so delicious setting? Happy guests! Sub par food in a reeeeeeally cute dish? Maaaaaaaad guests!
  • Unless youre Martha effing Stewart your attempts to create beautiful Pinterest inspired desserts and decor will likely turn out more like this:

Nailed it!

So, what's our plan for Smith and Junie's birthdays? We're going to stress less and party more. Good food, fun friends, and a whole lotta cake! ;)

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  1. Just want you gals to know I'm enjoying your blog! It's kinda like looking in the rear view mirror for me but I still can totally relate! I hope the party turns out chaotic, messy, and memorable xoxo


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