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8:56 PM

So, today we had a "thunderstorm"! And by thunderstorm, I mean, it was beautiful and sunny, our kids were playing in our plastic pool and then 5 minutes later it was pouring rain. Ok, it was more of a drizzle, but hey, there was thunder so it counts. 5 more minutes later and the storm was over and the sun went back to shining and the kids went back to playing.

Later, while at work it was all me and my clients could talk about...

"OhEmGee where were you when the thunderstorm hit?"
"You were driving? How jammed was the freeway? Weren't you scaaaaared?"
"No way! I cannot believe it. You had to take your kids out of the pool?"
"Thunder is sooooo terrifying!"

It made me realize that as Southern Californians we are the biggest weather bitches ever. Seriously. Who talks about a 5 minute "storm" like it was the next Hurricane Katrina other than a bunch of Californians?

It got me thinking even more...

Mom's around the world spend their winters bundling their kids up in about a million layers just to go outside and I'm over here in the middle of December like....

"Ohhhh myyyy gaaaawd is it cloudy again today!? I totally forgot Smith's hoody. This is like the WORST ever!"

And mom's around the world have to slather their kids in bug spray all summer long while I'm all...

"Eeeew, did a fly just land on Smith's finger? Do you have any alcohol free hand sanitizer?"

Anywho...know a mom who raised her kids on the East Coast or the Midwest? Give her a hug. She spent her winters strapping a poof ball into a carseat. I complain when Smith's passy clip gets tangled in the strap!

Do you want to punch me yet? It's ok. I kind of do too....

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