Different Ways to "Mom"!

10:27 AM

Krystin: So, we've talked a little bit about how the two of us are such close friends and similar women...girls..women...I dont know, are we women now Jo??

Joanna: We're women.

K: Ok. Anyway, we have always been blown away that with all our similarities, we have SUCH different mom styles. I mean...how does that happen!?

J: Tell them how similar we are...it's pretty nuts.

K: Oh yea...So, before we had kids we didn't really know each other well. We were acquaintances through acquaintances. We started chatting more and more through pregnancy because we would see through social media that we were due around the same time. After our kids were born only 5 days apart we met for coffee....on that coffee date we realized:
-We are both estheticians
-We're neighbors
-We both have french bulldogs
-Our husbands are in the same industry
-Our kids are 5 days apart
-If I had a girl I would have named her June and this blog would be titled "June + Junie"
I mean...if that doesn't spell soulmates...

J: I'm pretty sure we have seen each other every day since that coffee date over a year ago.

K: So, you see, as women we are practically a blond and brunette version of each other. But as moms we are so different!

Joanna's Mom Style 

K: Joanna is a "meticulously cautious well researched mom". Every thing she buys, feeds, gives to Junie is the best of the best. She has researched it, she knows a lot about it and she isn't afraid to throw something out and try something new if she thinks it's better for her girl. You can always count on her to be prepared. She is never without baby wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, extra snacks, extra diapers, extra change of clothes...always perfectly organized in her extremely tidy diaper bag hanging on her perfectly clean stroller! Also, I think she is a total germaphobe.

J: Ok, I am not as big of a germaphobe as I thought I would be! But I am extremely cautious and VERY well researched. I would also say I practice attached parenting. Well, no. I wouldn't say that. It's such a "label". I hate labels. Let's just say Junie is a mama's girl. She also co-sleeps....wait. Ok, co-sleeps isn't the right way to put it. Co-sleeping isn't the goal. I mean, she starts in her crib. True co-sleepers sleep together always right? They literally always sleep together?

K: You're confusing me. And probably everyone reading this...

J: I know. I don't know. Let's talk about how I'm relaxed! I'm definitely laid back with "the schedule". I dont abide by a super regimented nap schedule, I'll stay out "past bedtime" with her. I'm loose in that category for sure. Also, I'm a total nurturer. Meant to be a girl's mom.

*Note: As we were writing this, Joanna was reading what she said about herself and suggested we "twerk" a few things. Yes, she suggested we "dance in a provocative manner" a few things. She meant, however, that we "tweak" a few things. After knowing her a while you learn to just figure out what she's talking about! She's real tired from all the non-attachment parenting and non-co-sleeping! ;)

Krystin's Mom Style

J: Ummm relaxed is an understatement. She calls me a germaphobe because anyone would be considered one in comparison to her. Krystin doesn't stress about much and isn't afraid to let Smith get dirty, maybe fall down, and learn for himself. A helicopter mom she is not! Smith is a total free spirit and she encourages it. She is the perfect boy mom.

K: I'm definitely meant to be a mom to a boy. I fly by the seat of my pants a lot, often heading out without even an extra diaper with me! (that's what I have Jo for!) And although I wouldn't consider myself "crunchy" I do put a lot of my focus on homeopathic health, organic foods, and the "non western medical" route to a lot of things. I will say, I think Jo is more relaxed when it comes to sleep schedules etc. I'm a bit more of a stickler about it, but not obsessive. Smith hasn't slept in our bed since...I cant even remember. We all kind of like our own space! Haha

So, there you have it. You can see we are far from similar in the parenting departments. And on top of that our kids are SO DIFFERENT, but also mini best friends! It just shows that different families need to do things differently for themselves and their littles. I think the reason it was so important to share this with our readers is because we see so much "mom shaming" out there and we hate it. Hopefully this post is an example that we don't all have to parent the same to respect each other as moms.

What is your parenting style? Are you more like Joanna or Krystin? Please share with us! We would love to hear! Also, follow along our journey as two tired #mombies on Instagram!

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