Social Media is a Real Bitch

9:17 PM

We're just going to say it. Social Media can be a real bitch sometimes. It has a way of making us feel:

  • fat
  • ugly
  • unhappy
  • mad at our husbands
  • mad at our friends
  • poor
  • stupid
  • bad at our jobs
  • bad at our rolls as moms, wives, sisters, aunts, etc.
  • _______ (insert personal shitty emotion social media has cast upon you here)
Yet we can't really escape it. It's everywhere and everyone is a part of it. Even our grandma's have Facebook accounts these days. 

When we decided we wanted to start writing a blog we asked ourselves..."Why is anyone going to want to read it?" To be honest, we still dont really know the answer to this, but we hope this is why...

We both had never felt like victims of all those bullet points up there until we became moms. Social Media has a way of portraying motherhood as perfect, relationships as flawless, and lives as anything but hard. And what do we really expect? No one wants to see photos and read status updates about the baby blues you're feeling, the loneliness, the crying baby in the middle of the night, the inability to latch, the 3am fight between you and your husband...

But we want to be ok with those things. We want our readers to know that those things are ok. Now, don't get us wrong, we love beautiful photos and believe that sometimes you have better than average days, good days, great days...but we also believe that some sentences don't sound like this:

"Was up all night with my little one, but it's all worth it just to see his smile when he sees me."

but more like this:

"Was up all night with my little one and right now I am considering adoption and a mental institution sounds like a vacation."

We want our readers to know that baths with our children are not like this:

But more like this:

And that breastfeeding is not always this:

Because it's mostly this:

And although running around with friends in bikinis might be a thing of the past:

We think this is way better:

So, worry not mamas! You're safe here. If you ever need to feel:

  • skinny
  • pretty
  • happy
  • in love with your husband
  • obsessed with your friends
  • rich
  • smart
  • successful at your job
  • great at being a mother
then look no further....because we promise you are!

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  1. Well said & so true! As a new blogger myself I feel so much pressure and didn't share it for a long time! Thank you for sharing, I will keep reading!

    Jacquel White

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Jacquel! Thank you for commenting and following us along on our crazy journey! I hope you have someone to lean on when you feel the pressure social media puts on us as moms. If not, you have us! Have a beautiful day!


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