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We LOVE birth stories! Every time one of our friends (or a stranger willing to share) has a baby it is the first thing we want to hear about. As we calmly listen to the birth stats, nursing woes, sleeping issues etc. inside we're screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GIVE US THE DIRTY DETAILS!!!"

So, in the case that you share the same love for gory details we started "The Birth Story Series"

We decided to start with our own birth stories. Today we will feature Smith's and Junie's is right around the corner!

"My birth story is somewhat boring...I suppose in the grand scheme of things that is a good thing!! However, there were some comedic points along the 12 hour journey so I hope you enjoy.

I was induced a week or two early because my doctor was afraid I was going to explode. I suffered from polyhydramnios, which is a super doctor-y word for an excess of amniotic fluid. This little devil disorder caused me to not only gain 65 lbs during my pregnancy (No, none of that weight was due to all the donuts, it was all the polyhydramnios) but it also caused me to be so swollen that when I smiled skin literally covered my eyes!

Once in the hospital and all hooked up, my doctor broke my water and I flooded the room. No seriously, my mattress had to be changed and the floor was COVERED in my fluids. Ummm embarrassing. Little did I know that would be the least of my embarrassment.

Anyway, I was ready to start my "all natural, epidural free, beautiful, we might as well be in a field of wild flowers" labor...


So, after the epidural...

Yea, I got an epidural. And I loved it! I would never recommend child birth any other way. In fact, anyone who does go the all natural route is no friend of mine! (just kidding, we can totally be friends) After getting the epidural life was good. I took a nap, watched a movie, played some backgammon. This whole labor thing is easy!

It came time to push. This is going to sound so crazy, but I LOVED pushing. It was the most rewarding, empowering feeling in the world. We listened to Delta Spirit and laughed between contractions. It was so intimate with just me, my hubs, and our sweet nurse. I have never been more in love with my life then I was during that time. My husband kept giving me info from "down under"...and by info I mean way TOO much "Babe, I just saw some of your butt come out of your butthole" type of info. "Thanks honey!"

After 2 long hours of pushing, my husband yelled "IT'S A BOY! WE HAVE A SON!" It was the best!

Later that day I pooped my pants out of excitement! Haha just kidding. I pooped my pants out of inability to hold my poop in cause I just pushed an 8lb butterball out of my butt. (why does it feel like they're coming out of your butt btw!!!??) I was no longer embarrassed about earlier when my water broke and flooded the bed. Because...poopy bed was a lot worse.

And that was as we knew it has never been the same. A few bouts of depression and some serious heart explosions and we made it a year and I love my little bundle of energy more than I ever thought possible."

Want to share your birth story with us? We would LOVE to hear it and feature it on our blog! Email us at

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