Two Dozen Cookies

3:19 PM

Today is Monday. So, that means today is the day I started my diet. Today is the day I promised to work out 5 days a week. Today is the day I committed to showering daily, brushing my hair, and wearing makeup because today is Monday and every Monday I make these same promises to myself. Usually by Wednesday I'm digging into ice cream, skipping showers, and wearing my dirty hair in a top knot. Usually by Wednesday I promise myself that on Monday I'll start again.

But today is Monday. the hell did I just eat two dozen chocolate chips cookies?

Last night I baked cookies. You know how Sunday night every unhealthy thing you've been meaning to shove in your mouth all week so that you can "start fresh" on Monday morning. Am I right? Well I was way too tired and by the time the cookies were done I was a blink or two away from sleeping.

Fast forward to today.

It's. Been. Rough!

A teething toddler is a force to be reckoned with. A messy house from a weekend of laziness is a task no mother of a teething toddler is quite prepared for. And this heat...this god awful heat.

So, after the egg white omelette, unsweetened coffee, dry salad, long run, and clean kitchen this girl deserved a treat after finally getting the strong willed monster down for a nap.

I'll just have one cookie. It wont ruin the week. One cookie and a little Netflix is well deserved after the day I have had.

Twenty minutes later...

The cookies are gone. Every last crumb. 24 cookies gone and I haven't even gotten through one episode of Parks and Rec.


I guess there's always next Monday?

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