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With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought we should share what we're thankful for. Fair warning, if you are looking for a super sappy read about family, and love, and togetherness blah blah blah, this is not the post for you. Just stop reading. You'll hate us, you wont want to follow us anymore, you'll think we're heartless, and cold...because this post, my friends, is about what we're REALLY thankful for...

Amazon Prime
Because I haven't showered or changed my clothes in days and don't plan to anytime soon, but my kid still needs diapers.

Ice Cream Cones
1. They're delicious.
2. They entertain a toddler for approximately 7 minutes. That's a 6 and a half minutes longer than pretty much anything else.

I always knew boobs were a powerful tool that all women had the power to use at their disposable, but insert a fussy toddler who you cant get to sleep and boobs are now the greatest weapon against insanity that the good lord ever gave us. Insert boob into mouth, goodnight!

Large Sunglasses (and hats too)
Flu Season. Teething. No one is sleeping. No one is showering. No one is wearing makeup. Everyone looks like zombies. Covering that mess up helps us feel normal(ish).

I dont need to explain this do I?

Locks on Bathroom Doors
Husband finally has a couple days off for the holiday. I'll be locked in the bathroom for, I dont know, the next 3 hours.

Because, we're emotional, hormonal moms. Sometimes we need a good cry. And whether they're tears of joy, sadness, exhaustion, or pure thankfulness Adele makes any ugly cry a little more awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving you beautiful mamas!

Gobble Gobble

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