The Last 10lbs.

8:55 PM

So, I've been trying to diet, like, since Smith was born exactly 2 years ago. I gained a whopping 65lbs when I was pregnant with him, which I want to be clear had nothing to do with donuts and errthing to do with excess fluid. A donut a day for 9 months would not contribute to excessive weight gain, I dont care what they say. Who are "they" anyway, and why do we always listen to everything "they" say? Anyway, back to the donut, er diet story. I was lucky enough to lose most of that 65lbs fairly quickly, but the last 10?....oh man those last 10 little bitches have stuck around like the memory of my high school eyebrow shape (<---not good). And let me tell you I have tried everything. From juice cleanses to no carbs. From no dairy, to no sugar. From no carbs, dairy, OR sugar to all that plus add yoga every effing day...but there always seems to be one little problem. And you know what that problem is? The problem is 3pm...

Do you know what that time means? It means my coffee from 7am is no longer pumping through my veins, my kid is up from his nap,  I have exuded every ounce of energy in wearing him out so he would actually take a nap in the first place, and I have exactly 5 hours until he goes to sleep again. And guess what else that time means? It means it's time for some cheetos. And cookies. And chips. And salsa. And whatever the fuck else I can find in the house to inhale.

And THAT, my friends, is why I still have 10lbs to lose. 3pm is why I will probably always have 10lbs to lose...but damn those cheetos were good.

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