Birthday Resolutions

8:16 AM

Some things I vow to do at 32...

Start treating my body like a 32 year old, not a 21 year old. Realizing I cant eat donuts every day of the week and expect to have a flat stomach, that the walk to the mailbox did not count as exercise, and that yes, those 2 glasses of wine from last night are the sole cause of this mornings headache has been a really hard pill to swallow. My body is no longer capable of functioning properly on little sleep and minimal physical activity. And it's clearly not metabolizing sugar the way it used to. I've realized when a yummy kale salad on a restaurant menu excites me more than an exotic cocktail that I am no longer in my early twenties and should therefore start living accordingly. However, Im pretty pissed about the no donut clause.

Stop partaking in the mommy wars. I'd like to think Im already pretty good about this. I dont gossip about friends parenting styles. I try to support other moms in any way I can. I've built an army of mom friends who I desperately rely on and in turn hope they rely on me just as much. BUT...if I'm being completely honest, I totally judged that mom who let her kid fall into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati Zoo. I was like "Where the hell was she when her toddler was leaping into a pit of gorilla doom?" when really I just should have just been like "Girlfran was at the zoo with a 4 year old. She probably encouraged him to jump in just to get like 2 seconds alone with her thoughts and I dont blame her one bit."

Lastly, 32 means I will love my husband, and myself...MORE! Let me tell you how easy it is to love the shit out of the child you made with your own body. It's real easy. It's so easy, in fact, that you love them so much you kind of start inadvertently loving yourself and your husband a little bit less. But at my ripe old age I'm realizing more and more that the excessively overused analogy of putting your oxygen mask on first when the plane is going down is so overused because it's remarkably true. I have to show my son that loving yourself deeply makes all the other love possible. And that choosing marriage over mother once in a while is actually a choice that will better our whole family.

So...there you have it. My oxygen mask is secure. I've fastened on my loved ones with time to spare. I guess all that's left to do is hold hands and brace for, life!

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