He Said She Said

2:11 PM

So, I have to share a funny story. One that I hope makes any boy mom feel better about her toddlers inability to form sentences, and one that convinces every girl mom that she's not alone in having to listen to her tiny princess asking over 500 perfectly articulated questions before breakfast.

Recently, I was raiding Joanna's closet. Joanna, Junie, and I sat on her bedroom floor while I tried on dress after dress. Smith, even at 2, wanted absolutely nothing to do with this so he did what he does best which is scavenge the house for snacks and things that are loud. From the closet, my conversation with Junie, a 2 year old girl, went something like this:

J: Ohhhhh Auntie Kitten that dwess just looks beautiful!
K: Really? You dont think the flowers are too much?
J: No. Not at all. You look like a pwetty pwetty pwincess.
J: Ohhhh look at your hair. It's so long and pwetty you pwincess.
K: Wow. Ok. Well, thanks Junie I really appreciate the compliment.
J: Twy dis one on its so pwetty like you.
K: Yea, you're right. That one is pretty cute. What shoes would I wear with it though?
J: Hmmm. These bwack ones I tink.
J: Oh yes. You look wonderful. Just like a pwincess.
J: Mommy, doesnt Auntie Kitten look so pwetty like a pwincess?
J: Wear dat one cuz its just my faaaavorite!

As Junie went on and on about which jewelry I should pair with what, and how gold is back in, and how Huffington Post just named it the new silver and...I need to go check on Smith.

I walk to find him, still perplexed by what just took place in the other room and there he is, banging some pans around in the air from Junie's play kitchen.

And it was that moment I understood the true difference between boys and girls. I realized it starts as young as 2 years old. I realized girls are extremely complex, and boys are unbelievably simple. Because it was in that moment that Smith looked up at me, huge, non complicated smile across his face while he held up a purple CUP and said:

"Mama! BOWL!"

And I just smiled back, said "good job baby" and walked back to the girls where I belonged.

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