Hold On and Let Go

2:23 PM

It's no secret that our little ones are growing up. Junie is saying things like "as a matter of fact" and "what a splendid idea" while Smith is easily maneuvering race cars around auto tracks as he throws the gears from drive into reverse to effortlessly skid across the driveway. Yes, it's becoming painfully clear that our babies are becoming...gah...kids. Our attempts to hold on to the baby stage are desperate. Our ability to let go is hard. Yesterday, my husband pointed out what I already knew. Smith had lost his smell...the smell of lavender shampoo in his hair that lasted for days and sweet baby skin. Now he only smelled of dirt. And sweat. And boy.

So, what's a mama to do? How do we hold on tight to every second of their youth as they wake up morning after morning looking and talking and acting more and more like teenagers? For me, I've decided that the best way to hold on to my baby is to let go in the moments. I've always been slightly rigid in the parenting department. I stick to the schedule, I enforce the rules. I roll my eyes when my husband wants to stay out past bedtime or skip bath. But yesterday was one of those days that I didnt want to end. I didnt want the sun to set on the perfect day only to remind me of the list of things the night would bring. So...I just let go. We stayed outside even when it got too cold. We jumped in streams and ruined our shoes and got too dirty and just...laughed about all of it. When night forced us in we watched movies in bed far later than we should and Smith fell asleep to the light of the tv in his mom and dads arms, where he wont fit forever.

Yesterday, I made a conscious effort to let go in the moment as part of my desperate attempt to hold on to my baby boy. And it felt right. And it felt good. And it was perfect.

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  1. This is perfect. I had been pretty rigid with my oldest with schedules and such too. He just turned four and he has a little bro who is two. About six months ago I was all "what the heck am I doing?!" Total game changer! I stopped worrying about naps at the just-right time, etc. My favorite...I stopped nagging him about climbing in our bed at night and waking us up and just started to embrace it. The extra snuggles really are amazing. I recently found your blog...thank you!


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