A Royal Mistake

3:38 PM

Ok, so we've been in Cabo for a week, and today we decided to skip the cheap taco stands and coconut ice cream trucks and really treat ourselves to a nice breakfast. We figured as much as our wallets would hate us, our stomachs would thank us.... Ooooook, too much information...on with the story.

We found the boushiest resort we could find and decided on that restaurant. Of course we arrived reservationless wearing swimsuits and t-shirts in our dust covered compact rental car and were fresh out of pesos for the valet only parking. (ugh...totally those people), but somehow they still gave us a table. Holy Heavenly Restaurant Gods...you have done good. The setting. was. breathtaking. And the food was even better. After licking our plates clean, taking over 100 obnoxious 'we've never seen silverware this pretty' photos, and refusing to get the check until every last drop of our iced cinnamon coffees were gone it was time to peel ourselves from the hand sewn seat cushions and be on our way. Time to go back to our normal lives of bruised bananas and damp beach towels.

But then....something happened. Something amazing. Something unreal. Something...honestly, a little confusing.

The staff confused us for royalty....or something like that.

After we paid our bill and were walking away we asked the hostess if she could recommend a nearby beach. She pointed us in the right direction, but as we started walking a magical man/pool boy/butler type of situation appeared out of nowhere. He swooped in and took our beach bag, grabbed us some towels and told us to follow him. He walked us to a private beach, set down our stuff and disappeared. My hubs and I gave each other kind of a WTF shrug, but quickly went about unpacking all our massive amounts of shit. Just then he reappeared, with two other men. One was making a pillow fort out of lush towels for each of our heads. One was finding a place to secure our ice bucket filled with fresh bottled water and mega sized beach umbrella. (that he shlepped down himself!) The third was sizing us for life vests and pointing out to us our own private stand up paddle board, snorkeling equipment, and effing canoe! My husband was finally the first to speak....like the true regal elite that he is was being mistaken for...."uhhhhh do we have to pay for all this stuff?" LOL. The butler/pool boy/magic mans response? "Oh no sir, just some amenities we'd like to offer you." -- ummmmmmm OK!

From then on we spent the most magical day riding paddle boards, swimming with fish, and sunbathing on a private white sand beach. When we finally decided to pack up and make our way back to our dust covered compact car at the valet that we couldnt tip for in front of the resort we could never afford our butler came running up to us. "Oh FUCK" we thought. He figured it out. He realized that not only are we not royalty, but were not even guests here, and we cant even tip our valet guy. Just as I was reaching for the one credit card I hadnt maxed out yet he said "Senor, Senorita, I had them adjust your breakfast bill. We extended you a 50% discount. Here is your new receipt."

Not another word was spoken. We got in our car, tired and happy. The only remaining proof that we had even been on that private beach was our damp, sun-kissed skin, wet hair, and the leftover white sand in our shoes. We drove back to our tiny airbnb condo and just smiled and laughed as we drove, wondering what great act of kindness we must have extended to someone in a past life that granted us such a perfect day in this one.




Authors note: We actually did scrounge together enough money to not only tip our valet guy, but also all of our magical butlers! (I thought this necessary to include, because the internet is a very opinionated place with a whole lot of people unafraid to talk a lil shit!! ;)

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  1. That sounds amazing!! Lucky you guys, looks like the perfect day. Cabo looks like paradise!


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