Honest Motherhood Day 4: Girls Trips: Then vs. Now

3:05 PM

Remember before having kids and the stresses that used to come with going away on a girls trip? You know, like the really big issues that you just didnt know how you were going to handle? I mean, like, having no time to get in for a root touch up and ohmahgawwwwwd what if my spray tan makes me look orange? Then all of a sudden you have kids and there is this change and even though you're still trying to figure out a way to get your pumps to fit in your suitcase its now breast pumps instead of leather ones?!

Here's a list we compiled of how preparing for a girls trips looked then vs. now.


  • 2 months prior to trip:
    • Get personal trainer
    • Start Paleo diet
    • Meal prep perfectly proportioned foods for the next 8 weeks
  • 3 weeks prior to trip: Make the following appointments:
    • Hair trim and highlight
    • Pedicure
    • Manicure
    • Eyelash extensions
    • Bikini wax
    • Brow shaping
    • Spray tan
  • 1 week prior to trip: Go shopping for:
    • New swimsuit
    • New coverup
    • New day outfit
    • New night outfit
    • New day shoes
    • New night shoes
    • New makeup
    • New red lipstick
    • One more suit, it's only a day getaway, but you never know!
    • New suitcase
  • Week of trip:
    • Do all your laundry
    • Pack your suitcase
    • Start group text with girlfrans "OH EM GEE IM SO EXCIIIIIIIIIIIITED!"
    • Go through every outfit you're wearing
    • Deep Conditioning hair treatment
    • Shave. EVERYTHING!
  • Day of trip:
    • Uber to airport
    • Order cocktail
    • Instagram Cocktail with the Caption "Vegas here I come!!! No worries for the next 48 hours!!!"
  • 2 months prior to trip:
    • Drive yourself crazy thinking about how you shouldn't be leaving your kids
    • Feel super guilty about taking time for yourself
    • Eat 3 cartons of ice cream a week to manage the guilt
  • 3 weeks prior to trip: Make the following appointments:
    • Kids weekend playdate
    • Kids pickup arrangement from school Friday 
    • Kids swim lessons
    • Kids check ups at doctor just to be sure they're fine and its really ok if you go away. I mean I heard him coughing a lot last week. Is it pneumonia? Cuz I can totally cancel my trip if it is. Should I cancel? I should just cancel...
  • 1 week prior to trip: Go shopping for:
    • Snacks for the house
    • Games and entertainment for the kids
    • Frozen pizza for dad to make for dinner
  • Week of trip:
    • Do all your families laundry
    • Pick out clothes for kids for the weekend
    • Start group text with girlfrans "I THINK I NEED TO CANCEL THE TRIP!"
  • Day of trip:
    • Find old grocery bag laying around in the kitchen
    • Throw some clothes you blindly grab from the closet into the paper bag
    • Smell your armpits. Should I shower? I should shower...
    • Drive yourself to the airport because just being in the car alone is like a mini vacation
    • Order cocktail
    • Instagram cocktail with the Caption "Headed to Vegas for a girls trip. Should I cancel? Is it too late to cancel? I should just cancel..."

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