Honest Motherhood Day 5: TV Babysitter

9:28 PM

Some days, I do a really good job at being the mom I imagined I would be before I actually became one. The one who feeds her kid all organic, doesn't let him watch shows, or play with any toys unless they've  been widdled by hand from a non gmo recycled branch that grew out of  a brain stimulating tree. Some days...

And then some days are like today. Where I literally think my toddler watched 4 movies, ate a box of Mac n cheese that I almost let him cook himself, and did god knows what in the living room while I cleaned the garage. I mean he could have been lighting the place on fire and I wouldn't have known.

I truly believe even the "best mom's" have these kind of days, days where they need the tv to play babysitter and mindless processed food to play gourmet cuisine. We don't see it that often, we don't brag about it often, but I think we all have these kind of days...and that's ok...

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